The Event


World Fashion Parade brings together an exclusive and refreshing event that is bigger than just showcasing clothes on the runway. A true connect with the audience begins here with structured and thoughtful event plan targeted towards each individual brand.

This helps in bringing out the very essence of the thought process behind the runway story of the designer.


World Fashion Parade – Fashion for Peace at Gotham Hall during Fall Fashion Week 2016 NEW YORK, Sunday September 25, 2016

World Fashion Parade (WFP) – Fashion for Peace, an exciting charity event showcasing the latest collections by exceptional designers from around the world, was named “One of the biggest shows of New York City”.

Fashion for Peace connected world-class entertainment, media, high-end buyers and much more in the name of Peace. The mission was to spread the message of world peace in a breath-taking gala and fashion show designed to satiate the hunger for unity.

The event took place at the Historic Gotham Hall in the heart of Manhattan with an attendance of 1500 VIP audiences.

WFP 2016 - Fashion for Peace Initiative

At the heart of the event was the desire to synchronize the world of fashion, art, entertainment, and philanthropy to create an unforgettable night.

Deeply saddened by the rise in terror attacks around the world, this event aimed to bring designers and models from around the globe, uniting them to deliver the message of world peace. Furthermore, the eventfeatured amazing talents from New York and around the world that kept the audience entertained. Supported by

International Human Rights Commission, Sukhi NY, UNESO, and UNESCO Center for Peace - World Fashion Parade created history in the US Fashion Industry!

WFP 2016 – Responsible Fashion Initiative

With the current rise in consumer trends of organic and recycled materials and fabrics, it is very essential for the Fashion Industry to incorporate these elements in their designs and products.

Every time we spend money on Fashion, we tell the industry what they should or should not do. Thus, it is crucial that we shed some light on Responsible and Sustainable Fashion to promote eco-friendly products and rise above the norm of industry’s bottom-line. The footprints left by Fashion Industry is huge - from the pesticides used in growing cotton and the leaked chemicals from the toxic dyes, to the land-fill impact of clothes that wear out and the energy required to produce those pieces. Choosing organic fibers or sustainable fabrics, like those made from bamboo or hemp, can lessen the amount of carbon emission and chemicals that we bring into our lives.

Similarly, responsible fashion is sustainable on various levels; we can be sure it was produced under safe working conditions, its sweatshop free, and the person who made it earned a fair wage. Making sure your closet is stocked with responsible fashion means you can get dressed without worrying about what went into making of that product. Responsible

WFP 2016 – Colors of the World Initiative

Walking around the cities of East Asia, we’re bound to witness a sea of colorful clothes, be it colorful T-shirts with slogans or traditional sarees and cheongsams (qípáo). In Asian cultures, bright colors are considered auspicious; for example, red and yellow are symbols of prosperity for the Chinese, the former signifying progress and the latter earth, farming and growth. During imperial eras, these colors were worn mainly by royalty and those with wealth and power.

World Fashion Parade showcased amazing designers from around the world and the audiences everywhere were mesmerized by the Colors of the World Segment.

This event piqued the interest of major media outlets including Huffington Post, NBC, Cinemoi, Black Enterprise, New York Post, Si Italia TV, Elucid Magazine, FunTV, Fashion Avenue News, I-Fashion Magazine, M&S Vmag Nepal, Fashion in the Fast Lane, Billie Blunt to name a few, and is being covered by major medias from over 60 different countries.