Fashion For Peace

Fashion is an Art! Art has no boundaries! An article of clothing can represent nations, cultures, religions, and diversities. It is by the virtue of these fabrics that we are trying to unite the world under the banner of World Fashion Parade to promote peace and harmony in planet earth. An event of this magnitude, to promote world peace, has never been organized before in the history of the fashion industry of the United State and we want to use this avenue to its fullest extent.

We all have been deeply sadden by the rise in violence in the war-torn countries like Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Somalia, Pakistan, and other parts of the world.  With our unblemished mission to promote peace, our agenda for September 25th 2016 is to aim for these countries and more, and bring designers, models, and dignitaries to unite them and deliver the universal message of world peace by the virtue of fashion and modeling. We proudly present to you World Fashion Parade – Fashion for Peace.

The Venue - Gotham Hall, 1356 Broadway 

One of the most prestigious venues of New York City, Gotham Hall was constructed in 1922-24 as the Greenwich Savings Bank building, the imposing new headquarters was to mark this institution’s progress from its modest Greenwich Village origins to a prominent midtown location, is one of the refined examples in the impressive corpus of bank buildings from the firm of York. As you pass through the imposing brass doors, you enter the heart of Gotham Hall - the Grand Ballroom. In a room built for royalty, you will be captivated by the remarkable presence. This room commands as you immerse yourself in every lavish detail and your eyes are instantaneously drawn upward to the miraculous gilded ceiling centered above the inlaid marble floor, unique gold-leaf honeycombed design sits a one-of-a-kind 3,000 square foot stained-glass ceiling. Regal granite walls and solid limestone Corinthian columns adorns each end of the hall. 

Event Exposure  

Total Attendee Projected (On-site) : 1,500 - 2,000
Total Media Outlets Projected (Onsite and Offsite) : 100 + Media Outlets and 180 + Photographers
Estimated reach of the event : 100 + Countries with Millions of audiences around the world 

Event Schedule 

SHOWTIME 1:00 PM EST : Responsible Fashion
SHOWTIME 5:00 PM EST : Colors of the World 
SHOWTIME 8:00 PM EST :  Fashion for Peace

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World Fashion Parade - Fashion for Peace
Gotham Hall 1356 Broadway
September 25, 2016
A Charity Fashion Event

Featured Designers

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Silk Falsetto

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Sonjja Baram

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Grunge Beauty Couture

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YONA New York

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Dalia Macphee

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Adrian Alicea

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Papillon Dezign

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Radmila Lolly

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Bata Spasojevic

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RED Velvet

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Mr. Carlyle Collection

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Siwangi Pradhan

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The amount generated from the ticket sales will be donated towards the world most needed cause, A fight against women trafficking and rebuilding schools. The voice of fashion should be the most powerful voice as we all know fashion is a necessity. Join us September 25th to be fashionably inspired and support a needed cause.

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We come from humble backgrounds, from the foothills of the Himalayas, where life as we know it wasn't always kind to us. As we became aware of the realities of the world we live in, we saw an overwhelming amount of violence, death, sadness, and sorrow casting an evil shadow over all humanity. In awake of the recent terrors and tragedies, and with heartfelt emotions coupled with our undying enthusiasm, we devised an avenue to promote world peace and remind mankind that all humanity is not lost. That avenue is World Fashion Parade - Fashion for Peace.  

Together with the message of World Peace, World Fashion Parade is also contributing towards promoting Nepal and its constituencies. We are partnering with the Honorary Goodwill Ambassador of Nepal Tourism Board and are thrilled to include dazzling showcases of Art, Culture, Fashion and Tourism activities from Nepal. As Nepal recovers from the recent devastating earthquake, it is vital to reassure the potential travel and business partners that the country is absolutely safe and Nepal is welcoming visitors with open arms. With its diverse and historic cultural heritage, prime destination for adventurers and thrill seekers, one of the world’s best food culture, and with its magnificent beauty, Nepal has to be on top of you travel bucket-list. The Nepal showcase at World Fashion Parade will also include around a dozen prominent companies showcasing our famous handcrafted goods and other items from Nepal.



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Chunu Thapa
- Country Director(Nepal)

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Christopher and Appollonia Steele - Model Management